Futurefoods products are not only healthier options but are interesting, fun and enjoyed by school children of all ages.


Futurefoods is committed to providing healthier choices and quality, affordable food products to school canteens. We work closely with the school canteens to develop healthier options for children and young adults that fit with the Ministry of Health’s Food & Beverage Classification system. We also have many products that achieve the Heart Foundation’s Tick of Approval.


Futurefoods in Your School Canteen

Our futurefoods distributors are able to help schools with their healthy canteen policy and suggest menus for primary, intermediate and secondary schools as well as combo choices for certain age groups.

If you are interested in selling futurefoods products in your school canteen call us on 0800 148 276 or email info@futurefoods.co.nz. We are happy to provide you with an information pack and all the information you need.

Jucies Fundraiser for Schools & Clubs

Ideas for ‘keeping it simple’ in Your School Canteen

Futurefoods Canteen of the Year Awards – Hall of Fame

2010 – ‘Fresh Tastes’ Hastings Intermediate
2009 – ‘Kapai Kai’ Napier Girls High School
2008 – Southbrook School, Rangiora
2007 – ‘Cool School Canteen’ Selwyn Ridge Primary School, Tauranga
2006 – Kaiapoi Borough School

School Canteen Incentive Programme (SCIP)

To reward school canteens for purchasing our great products we developed the futurefoods School Canteen Incentive Programme (SCIP). SCIP is designed to turn the canteen supplies you purchase from futurefoods distributors into cash for the benefit of your school canteen or school as a whole.

The system is simple … in every carton of futurefoods products you purchase you will find SCIP tokens. They will be printed on the top flap of the box or included inside. Tokens can be collected in a special token bag provided to canteen free of charge. When the bag is full give it to your futurefoods distributor.
Don’t forget to write your school name and distributor name on the bag.

Once we have counted your tokens your distributor will give you a cheque to spend on improving your school canteen!

All you need to do is make sure you are registered and start collecting! For a registration form email info@futurefoods.co.nz

School Canteen Incentive Programme Terms & Conditions