We manufacture and sell innovative food products based on the healthy and delicious fresh produce of the Nelson Tasman region, New Zealand.

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Tasman Bay Food Co. Updates

Tasman Bay Food Co. adds fantabulously flavoured frozen pops to its range

The maker of iconic Juicies, Moosies and Zesti announced today the acquisition of Dr Feelgood Frozen Pops, a range of premium ice blocks containing organic ingredients, no weird stuff and packaged in 100% compostable boxes making these frosty pops better for you and better for the planet.

Dr Feelgood Frozen Pops are a super yummy, unique product with innovative flavours enjoyed by both adults and children. The fantabulous flavours contain no preservatives, no E numbers, stabilisers or colourings no hard to pronounce words or as we say, ‘no weird stuff’.

The packaging is 100% compostable so can compost in your home compost bin, bokashi, worm farm, commercial compost or it can still be recycled. The colourful, retro designs are created using soy-based inks making these ice blocks the most environmentally conscious packaging available in New Zealand.

“The values of Dr Feelgood closely match ours in terms of innovation, adventure, caring for our environment and a focus on organics” explains Managing Director Marina Hirst Tristram.

Dr Feelgood Frozen Pops will be ‘Made in Nelson Tasman’, with so many imported products we wanted to expand our range of ‘Made in New Zealand’ frozen treats and make sure Kiwis have the choice to support New Zealand made with Juicies, Moosies and now Dr Feelgood Frozen Pops.

We are excited to continue innovation and already have some great ideas in the pipeline. The Dr Feelgood range includes Jellytop Passionfruit & White Chocolate, Chocoholic Cacao & Cream, Banoffee Banana, Caramel & Cream, Pink Lemonade, Cola and Jellytop Chocolate & Raspberry. Dr Feelgood Frozen Pops are available at selected Countdown, Fresh Choice, New World, organic retailers and freezer sites nationwide.

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Futurefoods school canteens

Looking for healthier choices and quality, affordable food for school canteens? Futurefoods products are healthier, taste great and are enjoyed by school children of all ages.





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Contract Manufacturing

With purpose-built factories and experienced teams, we offer contract manufacturing for a wide range of products including:

  • Filled bars
  • Fruit pies and cookies
  • Military long life fruit bars
  • Filled bread products
  • Unbaked fruit and nut bars
  • Organic (BioGro audited)
  • Bulk chutney sauce base
  • Halal products
  • Fruit juice pressing and pasteurising
  • Bulk applesauce

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Juicies are the main product we produce under our own brand.

Juicies have been in school canteens since the early 90’s and continue to be a favourite in New Zealand and now in our export markets.

Juicies are available as ambient Juicies, original frozen Juicies ice-bars, Juicies tubes, Coconut Juicies and as Juicies fundraiser options.

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Zesti is our own brand of bakery goodies that are available in selected supermarkets, specialty stores and gift shops.

Here at Zesti, we make little local goodies – and we make them right. Inspired by our home in sunny Nelson Tasman, New Zealand, our name reflects our zesty flavours and the energy we put into ensuring our bakery goodies are tasty, wholesome and oh-so-good.

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